Adjustable Rings

It's not always easy to make gifts to our loved ones and there is one big problem with buying a ring. Sometimes we don't know the right size we need and it often happens that the hand of our friend/wife/husband/mum, etc. changes and we have doubts about buying expensive and beautiful rings for them. Most women enjoy giving their daughters and grandchildren their favorite ring and here the question of the ring's size is raised again. There is a great solution to the problem- an adjustable ring. Adjustable ring fit any finger and any hand though we don't talk about a ring-with-no-size-for-kids. Here you can enjoy the full range of elegant rings made from high quality precious metals which help you forget the problem of taking the ring back to get adjusted for the right size. The adjustable sides of the ring are designed to be moved back and forth as many times as needed. Enjoy the beauty and designs of our sterling silver adjustable rings and make the purchase that will fit you and your loved ones forever.

Adjustable Rings: 4 items
Sterling Silver Polished Adjustable RingSterling Silver Polished Adjustable RingRetail Price: $13.46
Your Price: $11.91
14K Gold Mill Grain Adjustable Toe Ring14K Gold Mill Grain Adjustable Toe RingRetail Price: $59.78
Your Price: $52.90
Sterling Silver Antiqued Adjustable RingSterling Silver Antiqued Adjustable RingRetail Price: $19.80
Your Price: $17.52
14K Adjustable Polished Band Toe Ring14K Adjustable Polished Band Toe RingRetail Price: $71.76
Your Price: $63.50