Diamond Rings

Diamond jewelry became more available in the early 1900s but nowadays it still represents symbols of beauty, wealth and status. White diamond jewelry has always been a fashionable trend though yellow, brown and other fancy diamonds have also become popular lately. Glittering and shining diamond rings are modern and trendy. Shopping for diamond rings remember that the quality of diamonds is based on four traits: clarity, color, carat weight and cut. If you have at least one diamond jewelry piece in your jewelry collection, you'd better know how to take care for it. Before you wash your hands or apply lotion, hair gel or hair spray, you should remove your diamond ring to preserve its luster. Wear gloves or take your ring with diamond off if you are doing household chores involving bleach, abrasives, cleaner or other harsh chemicals. The sparkle of diamond is taken away by the film left by exposure to cleaning products, make-up, styling products and every day wear. Use a soft brush and mild liquid dish detergent to clean your diamond ring and rinse it in warm water. Then dry it with a lint-free cloth. Here you can enjoy a full range of sparkling, elegant and eye-catching 14k gold diamond rings that are available at the most affordable prices. You may also choose among white gold and yellow gold diamond rings combined with other precious gems. If you are searching for diamond ring for your wedding, collection of wedding bands is to your disposal.

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Diamond engagement ringDiamond engagement ringRetail Price: $3156.46
Your Price: $2793.33
14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary BandRetail Price: $2762.79
Your Price: $2444.95
14k White Gold Diamond Fancy Ring14k White Gold Diamond Fancy RingRetail Price: $476.76
Your Price: $421.91
Three Stone Bezel Tanzanite and Diamond RingThree Stone Bezel Tanzanite and Diamond RingRetail Price: $1670.14
Your Price: $1478.00
Semi-Mount Diamond RingSemi-Mount Diamond RingRetail Price: $1292.72
Your Price: $1144.00
14KY Family Jewelry Diamond Semi-Set Ring14KY Family Jewelry Diamond Semi-Set RingRetail Price: $341.55
Your Price: $302.26
Five 5 Stone Diamond RingFive 5 Stone Diamond RingRetail Price: $2259.24
Your Price: $1999.33
Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K Pink GoldDiamond Solitaire Ring, 14K Pink GoldRetail Price: $881.40
Your Price: $780.00
Women's Diamond Wedding RingWomen's Diamond Wedding RingRetail Price: $928.86
Your Price: $822.00