Multicolor Diamond Rings

Diamond jewelry has always been highly valued all over the world and due to the multiple qualities of this magnificent gem it has become the most popular choice for wedding bands, engagement rings and elegant jewelry for special occasions as well as for everyday wear. The carbon atoms composing diamond have to be arranged in a tetrahedral lattice to create perfectly colorless and clear diamond called white. But diamonds are exposed to conditions that absorb other atoms keeping all the light wavelengths from being reflected to add the color to the diamonds during their formation. Diamonds are buried from 100 to 125 miles under the earth's crust in their crystallization phase and they are under the pressure of about 1 million pounds per square inch at this depth. The temperatures reach above 3500 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes diamonds absorb nitrogen atoms which are the reason for diamonds to have color. Colored diamonds are available in pink, yellow, blue and even green. Black, or carbonado diamonds are rare and expensive. Multicolored diamond rings including black diamond rings have become extremely fashionable and they do look great and classy. Here you can enjoy best quality and elegant sterling silver and 14k white gold black and white diamond rings of indescribable beauty. Men's black and white diamond rings are also available.

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14K White Gold Rainbow Sapphire & Diamond Fancy Buckle Ring14K White Gold Rainbow Sapphire & Diamond Fancy Buckle RingRetail Price: $817.22
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Multicolor Stone Diamond RingMulticolor Stone Diamond RingRetail Price: $400.02
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