Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is stunning gem which fire, clarity and variety make it so popular and desired. Sapphires come in a wide range of hues including orange, yellow, green, pink, purple and blue. Kashmir and Burma are the most famous sources of sapphires and fancy colored gems are mined in Montana, the US. These magnificent gems of immense beauty symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphires are believed to focus the wearer's healing and loving energy and promote intuition and beauty. Here you can enjoy the full range of sapphire rings at the most affordable prices. Sapphires are graded in cut, color, carat weight and clarity. 14k white gold blue sapphire rings and gold pink sapphire rings are available in variety of designs and the number and sizes of gems differ to meet all your needs. And because sapphires are available in the wide variety, it would be difficult to describe the grading process and you'd probably search for the ring with the gemstone with medium and rich tone of its primary shade and that is attractive to you. Sapphire is the second gem after diamond in hardness and sapphire jewelry is durable and unlikely to be scratched. It is better avoid sudden changes in temperature. Sapphire ring will be unforgettable gift for the 10th wedding anniversary and to person born in May. If you are searching for something really special, pay attention to our gold sapphire and diamond rings.

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14K Gold September Sapphire Birthstone Ring14K Gold September Sapphire Birthstone RingRetail Price: $164.75
Your Price: $145.80
Diamond & sapphire eternity ringDiamond & sapphire eternity ringRetail Price: $1130.00
Your Price: $1000.00
Sapphire & diamond ringSapphire & diamond ringRetail Price: $1129.24
Your Price: $999.33
Genuine Sapphire And Diamond RingGenuine Sapphire And Diamond RingRetail Price: $166.71
Your Price: $147.53
Sapphire Eternity Guard Ring, 14K White GoldSapphire Eternity Guard Ring, 14K White GoldRetail Price: $677.24
Your Price: $599.33
Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring BandDiamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring BandRetail Price: $1334.16
Your Price: $1180.67
Antique Style Sapphire & Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldAntique Style Sapphire & Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldRetail Price: $1992.56
Your Price: $1763.33
Sapphire eternity bandSapphire eternity bandRetail Price: $1280.66
Your Price: $1133.33