Skull Rings

Skull ring is usually thought of as a symbol of mortality and death but it has other symbolic meanings that vary depending on the cultural contexts. The objects of skulls represented "life" in some ancient societies. The embodiment of consciousness and humanity in the flesh were honored. Skull can be seen as a symbol of the victory over the enemy in the context of ancient battles. Gothic skull rings have been popular since the 16th century when they came into vogue. Bikers and gothic persons are not the only people who commonly wear skull rings- many people just like the design of skull jewelry and enjoy wearing it to look fashionable and make some symbolic statement. The Phantom, the powerful hero was the first to introduce the skull ring wearing it as a symbol of mortality, protection and strength. Skull also symbolizes judgment and can be a reminder of fast flow of life and make us think about the fact that we can change our life for the best between our birth and our death. Ring with skull is also a symbol of the dark side of humanity and the end of old cycles. But the main symbolism of the skull rings is still our mortality. We offer you fashionable and affordable stainless steel and sterling silver skull rings at the most affordable prices. Enjoy its mysterious and a bit frightening style!

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